Ohmania has launched!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to set Ohmania up and part of the fruit of our hard work has been delivered in this website. We hope it gives you a good insight into who we are and what we do and this blog post should hopefully extend that.

Who are Ohmania?

We are two guys with a great network of supporting people and businesses. Simon Stevens has a broad history in brand and building businesses which is nicely balanced by Damian Way who has a rich technical background having spent a number of years building online experiences and web/mobile software.

What do we do?

In simple terms, we help people by using our experience. The world of web and mobile can be quite difficult for the non-experienced out there, there are a number of pitfalls that you can easily fall into.

In more detailed terms we firstly help define a strategy, this mainly revolves around one of two goals, an increase in sales or an improvement in interest. Next we help to define the projects, we have a strong background in project management so this means we are capable of designing and organising any web or mobile project. And lastly we deliver.

What are our beliefs?

  1. Brand is important
  2. Communication has to be clear
  3. Usability makes all the difference in achieving your goals
  4. Great design changes your positioning
  5. Everything is achievable
  6. Being straight is the best approach
  7. And santa is real!

Want to work with us?

We believe that whatever your project is, if it is either web or mobile based, we can help you. We want to hear from you so feel free to drop us a line.

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  1. Well done Ohmania duo and well done Damian. 

    Good to see your name pop up. Hari mentioned that he’d met up with you and glad to see you kicking off ohmania. Hope it’s a storming success for you both. Site looks great and hope you find some good traction. 

    All the best, Caleb 

  2. Damian Way says:

    Thanks Caleb, really appreciate the best wishes.

    Maybe we should catch up for a chat some time.


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