Watch how your visitors use your site with Lucky Orange

Want to watch video footage of someone using your website? Well you can.

Analytics packages are great for getting the cold hard facts about how someone got to your site, which pages they went to and how long they stayed but it is very difficult to get a really clear understanding of how they used your site when they visited.

There are some excellent solutions available to give you a clear understanding of how someone got on when they visited your site. I am going to give you an overview of one such product “Lucky Orange”.

Main features

Lucky Orange have a number of features but I will only cover the ones that I have been using:

Visitor recording

These are video recording of your visitors. This is the main feature which drew me into the service as I wanted to know a little more about how people were using one of my clients websites.

When watching a video you get to see your website with the users mouse overlayed. You see all of their mouse movements and all of their clicks.

On the whole the system works really well, it does have glitches at times where the HTML doesn’t load properly so what you get is a mouse cursor floating around a blank screen but on the whole the service gives you an amazing insight into a users visit.

Below is a demonstration recording:

Heat maps

A visual interpretation of where on your page people click and the most common mouse movement areas. The more people click on a certain area of a page the hotter that area is.

Great for getting a visual view of the popular aspects of particular pages.

Live sessions

Very similar to the video recordings but you can actually watch someone live whilst they navigate your site.

Chat system

Have direct conversations with people on your site. This platform allows you to install a fully operational chat system. This may not suit all users but for some this can be a very useful way of assisting your visitors through the buying process.

How does it all work?

A small amount of JavaScript is installed between the <head></head> tags on your webpages which then allows Lucky Orange to inject their software.

Why is it important?

The more you know about how your users use your site the more you can tailor the site to best support their requirements.

This site can highlight problems which may be stopping your users from buying your products or services.

The chat system can turn your cold one way platform into a two way dialog allowing you to further enhance your markets confidence and give you the opportunity to tailor your information for the individual.

Check it out:

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  1. Peter says:

    This looks pretty cool. Up until now I have been using MouseFlow to analyze user behaviour, but this has the chat feature built in which is great. Defo going to take the free trial.

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