Why content is still the King of digital marketing

Content has always been important in the world of digital marketing but it has taken a major promotion in priority over recent times. So why is your content so important and how should you use it?

Reasons for content marketing importance

  1. It can be the main driver of traffic to your website
  2. It is non-intrusive so doesn’t annoy your audience
  3. Can boost your search engine rankings organically
  4. Can build trust and position you as an expert
  5. Can become the foundation for your other digital marketing activity

Content marketing explanation

Content marketing is the concept of using newly generated content to lure potential clients into buying from you. It is non-intrusive as visitors come to you to read, view or watch if they feel your content is interesting to them.

Create it and they will come……hopefully!

A common method for content marketing is to create an article on your website with the aim of then sharing the URL via other websites, Social Media networks and via email broadcast in order to draw traffic back into your website.

The content becomes the bait which pulls people into your conversion machine (website). If your website has been optimised for conversions you will already have a fantastic method for converting your visitors into leads so all you need to do is encourage more people to come right?

The key to it is creating content of value, something that people will want to read and ideally something highly relevant to your prospective clients. Get the relevance right and you can create a dream lead machine.

So create the content then share, share, share!!

Know your audience

Who is your ideal client?

You know the one, they pay on time, they listen to your advice and they recommend you to their network of friends or business acquaintances. They do exist!

A great starting place for your content marketing strategy is to build a customer profile in order to work out who you need to talk to and also figure out what they would want. This can help you determine how to write your content and what to write about.

Without the right audience your conversion rates will suck.

A common method of writing for content marketing campaigns is to position yourself as a teacher and share educational content which ticks both boxes of being valuable and positioning yourself as an expert. The reader actually gains something from your content which can increase their loyalty to you and strengthen your relationship.

Google changes

In the last 3 years Google introduced two major changes which had a huge effect on the importance of content which has put even more emphasis on producing good, unique and valued content.

Penguin update

This was aimed at nullifying the effect of older black-hat SEO tricks. This means that search engine optimisers need to play by the book. No short cuts, you need to do it the Google way which is by making highly relevant and interesting content that people will love if Google directs them to you.

Panda update

This update probably had a bigger impact on the importance of good content as it was aimed at reducing the rankings of lower quality sites with thin content and in turn boosts the efforts of the regular quality content creator.

So if you want to get ranked higher in the search engine results then create more content.

Search Engine Optimisation

Organic web traffic has always been regarded as the better ROI in terms of traffic generation. Unlike paid for methods once you have created an article there is no more cost related to it (apart from hosting), add it to your website and the traffic can be generated free for as long as it is relevant.


In order for the search engines to understand what your content is about you need to make sure you have used valid HTML. A few areas to consider are:

  • Relevant title and description meta tags
  • Correct using of heading tags such as <h1>, <h2>, etc…
  • Alt tags on images

One last point of growing importance in this area is to add the correct meta tags for supporting social sharing. Without these sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter find it difficult creating a post that uses your nice title, description and image when someone shares your content.


The use of keywords in your articles is highly important especially for the organic traffic. The best way to approach this I find is to research first what are the most searched keywords around the subject matter and then optimise your content for those keywords.

The Google keyword planner tool can be used to work out how often a particular keyword or phrase is searched and how competitive it is.

Once you have determined what your keywords are going to be for this content marketing campaign you need to make sure that you use the term frequently enough through out what you write that it becomes the highest density keyword or phrase for your article.

Scatter it across your title, your description, your headings, your image alt tags and your article body and keep it consistent. Not too much that it makes reading awkward or that it makes your article seem spammy as Google may mark you down so try to keep it natural.

…and seal the deal with a great title and captivating image

The image and title are hugely important as they create the first impression about your article, get these wrong and people may overlook what could be an extremely useful piece of content.
They need to grab attention and captivate imagination.